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Jellyfish Deep Zoom 1.1 Beta (MIX09 Release)

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Released: Mar 28, 2009
Updated: Apr 16, 2010 by tatsushi
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Source Code DeepZoom Materials for StaticImages
source code, 98512K, uploaded Mar 28, 2009 - 4273 downloads

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Application deep zoom tiles for semi-dynamic / dynamic mode
application, 41759K, uploaded Apr 24, 2009 - 1783 downloads

Release Notes

update 2010/4/15 ------------------------------------
There was a bug in the Jellyfish server side DZC (DeepZoomCollection) generation code. When viewing a composition through a Silverlight 4 client, the image resolution would not update after zooming in. Prior versions of Silverlight were unaffected.

The code that creates the collection.xml file was generating incorrect values for the image width and height attributes for the original image data.

The fix just affects the source code only. Please download the updated source code at the link below.

Special thanks to DanCory for pointing out the error in the source code and providing a patch.

As we promised at our session of MIX09, now we'd like to release 1.1 beta of Jellyfish Deep Zoom.

Please check our session recording and PowerPoint file about Jellyfish for your better understanding.
Deep Zoom++ : Build Dynamic Deep Zoom Applications with Open Source

This 1.1 beta release has several addition features and fixes :
  • full screen
  • improvement of behavior about next / previous buttons
  • Re-organized UI
  • more reusable example of XAML synchronization and SubImage selection
  • Re-skinned web administrator (MIX09 style)
  • minor bug fixes ;)

With this release's solution, you can follow our step by switching XAML.

Please check "app.xaml.cs" and find "this.RootVisual".

// this.RootVisual = new Step09_ChangeSelectableSkin();
this.RootVisual = new Step10_Dynamic();

You can switch by removing commented out //.

--- install ----------------
1) Please download from "Downloads & Files" of "Jellyfish Deep Zoom 1.0 "

-- 1a) DataBase files
-- 1b) DeepZoom Materials in sl/out/source_files
(or sourcefiles 1 (separated) and sourcefiles 2 (separated) )

1') Download from "Downloads & Files" of "Jellyfish Deep Zoom 1.1 Beta "

-- 1c) deep zoom tiles for semi-dynamic / dynamic mode
-- 1d) DeepZoom Materials for StaticImages

2) Download from "Source Code"

3) Please unzip archive to anywhere, and place all files under "jellyfish_development\jellyfishDZApp" to your destination. (Please do not place these files into path that includes spaces. for example, "visual studio 2008". We are fixing this problem, but not yet fixed.)

4) Please place unpacked image source files (1b) to "\jellyfishDZApp.Web\sl\out\source_files".

5) Please place and overwrite unpacked 5 folders and files under "other_files" folder (1c) to "\jellyfishDZApp.Web\sl\out".

6) Please place unpacked 4 DB files under "DBFiles" folder (1a) to "\jellyfishDZApp.Web\App_Data".

7) Please place unpacked GeneratedImages folder (1d) to jellyfishDZApp.Web\ClientBin.

8) Boot your Visual Studio 2008, configure start page for solution.
If you check from Step 1 to Step 4 by Vusual Studio, set "Start Page" to "jellyfishDZApp.Web\jellyfishDZAppTestPage.html".

If you check from Step 5 to Step 10 by Vusual Studio, set "Start Page" to "jellyfishDZApp.Web\sl\TestPage.html".

For web adminitrator, set "Start Page" to "jellyfishDZApp.Web\admin\Default.aspx".

9) And, please set your step by app.xaml.cs.

10) please right-clicks in "jellyfishDZApp.Web" project and select "set start-up project".

11) Hit F5 please !

--- about source code ----------------
  • DzcConverter
(Bin\DzcConv\DzcConverter.exe, DzcConverterImg2Sdi.dll, DzcConverterSdi2Coll.dll)
and PhotoZoomConverter
(Bin\DziConv\SDImageConverter.exe, Img2Sdi.dll, Sdi2Coll.dll)
are not change from ver.1.0.0
So, if you want to check these source code, please check below folder of "Source Code"
  • jellyfish.dll is changed from ver.1.0.0.
There is no upward compatibility.

if you want to check source code, please c

Reviews for this release

by meteormatt on Apr 21, 2010 at 8:42 AM
Excellent work - very straightforward to use and very powerful. Thanks for making this open source. Note to "NadiaSz": If you are looking for the Source Code, perhaps you might click on the "Source Code" tab on the page? If that is too difficult for you, perhaps then a more polite question would be more helpful for you.
by Frazer on Oct 25, 2009 at 1:49 PM
I could not find any .dll or source CODE files, just a bunch of pretty pictures. Thank you for nothing and wasting my time downloading and unzipping the files
by NadiaSz on Oct 19, 2009 at 5:16 PM
Very good framework, I had a lot trouble getting it to work but after I figured all out... this totally rocks.
by monto on Apr 30, 2009 at 7:13 PM