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Trying to figure out 'dynamic' quickstart

Sep 12, 2009 at 10:01 PM

Hi there, first off..amazing work!  This project is a dream for me.

I'm seeking to build a silverlight app and try to utilize the semi-dynamic portion of this.  I'm currently working on a local IIS for testing. 

I have the project building, and I can upload photos to the server using the included admin code.  I see them get processed and split.  When I run the client sample and select semi-dynamic..I see the photos in a very high resolution (after selecting my collection).  I can zoom in very far and keep the resolution.

Now I'm building my own client, and want to use dynamic functionality. I am trying to figure out what to set the src path on my "JFDeepZoom" object to to get the high res images.  I pointed it at the collection.xml in sl\out\collections\sysadmin_20090912025257855_collection but I get low res photos then (looking in the collection_Files subfolder I see 8 layers, and the 8th is not very high res)

On my win7 box the .chm files arent rendering, so I'm having a problem even looking through that documentation.  Can you guys give me any hints of the basics I need to get semi Dynamic working? Do I need to query the db?  Did I mess up a setting on the slicing?  If you need more info please let me know.

Thanks guys, and again, great work on this, so far its been easy to use, I'm just looking to get a bit better pic out of it. :)


Sep 13, 2009 at 7:10 AM

So working on this myself, I figured out a few basic things that are helping....

1) The src property shouldnt be set in xaml for semi dynamic

2) the semi-dynamic aspx seems to be built to be called like (jfdz is my JellyFish object)

<font size="2">




I'm working through some sql issues about user accounts right now (seeing lots of hits on that error online).  When using the test aspx though I'm getting back an xml list of collections..I dont know if that is magically going to make the images higher res, but at least I feel I'm making progress.   If someone reads this and can confirm I'm on the right path, please let me know.

For those following...the usejf project has some good sample source in it which is where I found the method call for RetrieveCollectionList


Sep 13, 2009 at 9:24 PM
Edited Sep 13, 2009 at 9:28 PM

Some more progress...documenting it here in case it is helpful for others later...

1) .chm files were being blocked by the OS (Win7 for me..though Vista does this) - Right click, go to properites/unblock to view the .chm

2) If you get sql errors about 'failing to create user instance..." you may be hitting a sqlexpress bug. I ended up uninstalling all sql express components, installing sql express 2008 sp1, setting it in sql manager to run as 'local service', and then turned off user instances (end of the connection string in web.config..I set it to false).  This isn't dz related, but since this project uses sql and I spent 4 hours on it, figured I'd mention it.

3) My code now does this:

- Setup an event handler for when the collection is retrieved

- adds the collection that comes back to a listbox so that users can select it

- on select, takes the index and passes it to RetrieveCollectionInit, passing it the selectedListIndex

This creates an url with an ending such as: semi-dynamic.aspx?exec=init&cid=sysadmin_20090912025257855_collection

That request returns some xml which has paths such as: out/thumbs_files/sysadmin_20090912025050_0001_thumbnail.jpg

One problem for me here is that the path assumes my silverlight app is running from the \sl path on the website...I think this is what is currently messing my app up.

Anyway I'll keep plugging away at it. If there is a way to set a default path for the silverlight app, or if I'm totally wrong on this pleaset let me know.  I may have to put up a blog or wiki when done to help others


Update: I was calling the semi-dynamic with a full path (http:// etc.) so I think looking through the source this caused an issue. will update and try again tonight

Sep 26, 2009 at 7:21 PM

My resolution to this issue:

1) Started out with the jellyfish sample all put together

2) Examined where the UseJF project placed its files (Sl/out) and how it referenced the .aspx pages such as dynamic.aspx and such

3) Removed the UseJF project, added a new...non navigation..silverlight project of my own (navigation projects screw up the urls when trying to relatively reference the aspx files)

4) Rebuilt out my own jf deepzoom project...with an output path of: ..\..\..\WebSites\jellyfish\sl\

5) My code  used the api "Send" with the first param referencing "../dynamic.aspx"

This got me up and running with 'dynamic'