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Jellyfish Deep Zoom is open source toolkit for dynamic deep zoom application using for silverlight development that oriented to most of system integrators and web agencies.

online demo of client features :

For example, when we think about the project similar with Hard Rock Memorabilia, we want to sort, search and pinpoint appropriate image object in Deep Zoom canvas. If we wanted to make such a thing with Silverlight Deep Zoom feature, we have to develop with complicated relative axis calculation in Deep Zoom canvas. Even their needs are clear.

So, we want to develop common framework that is useful for most of web agencies to achieve more spreading situation of unique silverlight Deep Zoom application.

Jellyfish Deep Zoom has two main parts. 1st one is client side libray(.dll) that can use for Deep Zoom development easily for client side, 2nd one is server side deep zoom slicing application that can use for dynamic generation of deep zoom images and collections.

Jellyfish Deep Zoom was developed by 2ndfactory co., ltd, JAPAN, a Microsoft Global partner UX agency and Microsoft Certified Partner. Please see other information at our website.

Also, we are doing integration service using Jellyfish Deep Zoom for your projects. (by Japanese)

We hope that helps !

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